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12 Year Old Tourney Updates

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Changer for schedules, scores and much more.


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Tournament Bracket.


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New York State 10/11

Little League

Championship Tournament

Cook Park-Colonie

 August 1st - 7th

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2015 10-11 NYS Tournament 

 for all the details....


Follow the Colonie LL All-Stars

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see how the 2015 All-Stars are doing.


Save the Date

Colonie LL will be having their end of the year picnic for

all players in Pee Wee, International, Majors on

Sunday,September 13th.

To view the flyer, click here



Orange Roofing won the City County Championship

by defeating Tri-Village LL 12-0 on Thursday night!


Majors Championship Series
Orange Roofing vs. Vellano Bros. (Best of 3)
Game 1 -- Vellano Bros. 11, Orange Roofing 8
Game 2 -- Orange Roofing 6, Vellano Bros. 4
Game 3 -- Orange Roofing 11, Vellano Bros. 4
Orange Roofing is the 2015 Majors Division Champion



           2015 Approved Bat List

   To view a list of the approved bat list for the 2015 Little League season click here (<-- Link to the site)





I am brave and strong and talented.  But I’m still just a kid. I am not perfect.  I am a work in progress.  I need you to be patient while I test the limits of my body and work through the emotions that come with success and failure.  When I make a mistake, I wonder if you’ll be disappointed.  When I reach my goals, I look to see if you are watching.  I am a youth athlete.  I love my sport.  You call it a competition.  I call it playing the game.  I am a youth athlete.  I am YOUR youth athlete.  Winning feels great, but your praise feels infinitely better.  Please remember these things and I promise to do my best and make you proud.

By: Unknown Author




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